How does Apta Leads acquire its databases and contacts?

We have a data collection team that supervises and conducts various surveys, opinion polls, information gathering drives. We also have on-ground data collection teams that travel to various parts of the world, attending events, conferences, trade shows and corporate gatherings to network and gather data.

What is Apta Leads data validation process?

Our database is verified by experienced data verification executives. They ensure that our databases are validated regularly.

When Apta Leads adds someone to its database, do they inform them?

Yes. Apta Leads database members are opt-ins and are informed that they will be added to our lists when we are gathering their contact details.

Is it better to rent/ buy an email marketing list or to create it by myself?

It is absolutely better to buy an email marketing list as this would be for your perpetual usage and for unlimited time. But in rented email list you can use it only for once.

How you gather your data?

Apta Leads continuously gathers analyze and manages in-house data from variety of sources. We gather our data from various trade shows, third party card collectors, public records, DBA filings etc...

Once we collect the data we send it to our dedicated data team, to work on these records. Once they receive, they append the missing information and tele verify it. Once the tele verification is done, we send an opt-out email with opt-out links to all the emails that we append, asking if they are willing to subscribe for the third party emails. When they give the permission we add it to our master database as opt-in emails.

How often the database is updated?

We offer only latest and updated data to our clients. We update our entire data once in every quarter and also we re-verify the emails and other information’s before delivering it to clients so that they get the updated quality data.

Do Apta Leads append emails and other missing information to the client’s database? And what would be the cost?

Yes, Apta Leads append emails and other missing information to the client’s database. We do not charge based on the entire volume of records. We charge based on only the append emails or other data fields.

How do we know that Apta Leads is not going to sell our records once we send it for appending?

We follow strict privacy policy on our client’s records. We sign NDA before we start working on the project. Once the project is completed we keep the file for 7 business days for any further query from the client. After 7days we destroy the clients file.

Are we CAN SPAM ACT compliant?

AptaLeads is dedicated to protecting the privacy interests of our customers and is in full compliance with CAN-SPAM Act.

How do you deliver your list and in what format?

We provide your data in the following format.

  • CSV
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access